Safety on chyrpe

Simple drawing of a shield with a heart inside, symbolising protection for love


At chyrpe, our users’ safety is at the very core of our attention. We are deeply committed to ensuring the safety of all our users, regardless of gender. With a steadfast dedication to security, we have implemented the highest levels of protection across our platform, wherever possible.
A heart-shaped lock, symbolising protecting love, dating and relationships


Our stringent data security measures ensure that your information remains confidential. Beyond that, we guarantee that we will never sell your information to third parties. Every user on chyrpe undergoes a mandatory verification process, providing you with the assurance that you are interacting with real individuals.
Simple drawing of a flag with a heart inside, symbolising that content is moderated and can be flagged


We maintain a proactive approach to user safety by closely monitoring reports and addressing them with the utmost seriousness. Reprehensible and prohibited behaviour will be addressed with firm immediacy. Rest assured that at chyrpe, your safety is paramount, and we continuously strive to create a secure and trustworthy environment for all our users.