What chyrpe is about

Simple drawing of a crown with a heart inside, symbolising power, love and happiness


Chyrpe is dedicated to the empowerment of women. It is our objective to pave the way for women to realise what power they have, all the while promoting equality. Relationships are a key part of the human experience, and we strive to enable women to grasp the power that they have and to take charge of their lives. At chyrpe, we believe that empowering women is not just a goal but a commitment to creating a world where women are recognized for their power, potential and rightful influence. Women are intelligent and capable leaders, extending this into our relationships is a natural step in acknowledging their power and fighting back against misogyny and patriarchal beliefs.


Chyrpe is an innovative application designed to foster meaningful connections between powerful women and men who value and respect their strength. Our primary focus is to create a safe and secure dating platform for all users, implementing a variety of measures to ensure the utmost safety and privacy for everyone involved.
Simple drawing of a phone with a heart inside, symbolising finding love over an app
Simple drawing of a house with a heart inside, symbolising loving in a protected environment


At chyrpe, we empower women by allocating significant influence within the app, while also maintaining high profile-quality standards to enhance the overall user experience. We are committed to providing a platform where powerful individuals can connect authentically and respectfully.