Frequently asked questions

What is chyrpe?

Chyrpe is the dating app for powerful women. Chyrpe’s commitment to safety is at its absolute core and is firmly planted in the new world, where women can and should be in charge. With the power of women as one of its key values, chyrpe is the dating app for female led relationships. The dating app that is truly built for the women out there that understand their power and those that cherish them.

What are FLR or Female Led Relationships?

FLR stands for Female Led Relationship, illustrating a unique dynamic where the woman holds the reins. Whether it's a subtle influence or a more assertive stance, at the heart of an FLR lies a powerful woman who steers the relationship. This concept challenges traditional patriarchal norms, recognizing and leveraging the innate strength of women to unlock their full potential. An FLR is an ideal choice for women seeking autonomy and control over their lives, irrespective of their feminist beliefs. It offers a platform for women to be cherished, respected, and adored by their partners, fostering a bond that celebrates mutual empowerment.

Is chyrpe safe and legit?

With an absolute focus on safety for its users, chyrpe is amongst the safest dating apps available. All profiles on the application are vetted by a human team, ensuring quality and mitigating reprehensive content. Beyond this all users on the platform undergo an absolutely mandatory verification. Dedicated teams check reports with immediacy and enforce rules with firm severity. We will not accept mistreatment by or towards any of our users. Finally, chyrpe does not sell your data to third parties, keeping it as safe as possible. All these safety features combined with commitment to strong moral values such as sincerity, honesty, equality and female empowerment make chyrpe absolutely legitimate. The team is committed to doing what we can for the community we want to offer a safe space to. If you need reassurance or have questions feel free to contact us.

Is chyrpe free?

Chyrpe currently costs around $3 per week after a free trial period. As a young and small company, chyrpe needs to ensure that it can afford its developers and supporting team. This pricing is necessary for the application to exist. Further purchases are possible for premium packages and in order to move through the Waiting-List / Queue quicker. Here it is important to note that all profit made from the Waiting List / Queue is reinvested directly into speeding up the queue for everyone. Every purchase made in Queue benefits all.

Why does chyrpe have a Queue / Waiting List?

Many dating apps struggle in creating balanced interests due to imbalanced compositions. While this may drive profits for those companies, it makes the experience more challenging for the users. The Waiting List / Queue on chyrpe ensures that those who sign up have the best experience possible and can truly find what they are looking for.

Why does chyrpe require verification?

Verification on chyrpe serves as a cornerstone for safety and quality assurance. Committed to fostering a secure environment, chyrpe mandates verification to guarantee that users engage with genuine individuals. This verification process not only enhances safety but also promotes profile authenticity, encouraging users to present themselves accurately and transparently.

Can I fast-track the Queue / Waiting List on chyrpe?

Yes, it is possible to fast-track the waiting list on chyrpe. However, counterintuitively, we promise that this is in favour of everyone in the queue. All profits created from fast-tracking are directly invested into improving general queuing speed. This means that whether a user chose to purchase a fast-tracking option or not, they will move through the queue quicker due to the existence of the feature. If you have complaints in relation to the queue, please contact us. Both the queue and related fast-tracking options were designed to offer our users a fair and balanced experience on the application. They exist so that you will find the partner that you deserve while receiving their attention.

Is it okay to be a dominant woman?

Dominant women play a significant role within our platform's user community. Embracing your dominant side is not only encouraged on our app, but it's celebrated. Wanting to take the lead in various aspects of life, relationships, or intimacy is natural, common and empowering. Chyrpe stands out as the premier dating app for powerful women and their admirers, ensuring a space of acceptance, admiration, and love for all who embrace female empowerment.

Does chyrpe have fake accounts?

In terms of authenticity, chyrpe maintains a strict verification process during sign-up to minimize or eliminate the presence of fake accounts on the platform. Users can rest assured that the individuals they interact with are genuine and verified participants.

Is chyrpe about femdom dating?

Chyrpe is about Female Led Relationships, which encompasses femdom. If you are looking for intimate relationships that encompass a dominant female or a submissive male, chyrpe is the best dating app on the market. Kink however, is only a small part of Female Led Relationships, so approach this topic with respect and care in regard to other users.

Can people use chyrpe for business?

Some dating apps are used by their users to promote their personal services, rather than for sole purpose of finding relationships. This is hard to fully avoid. This is why chyrpe accommodates this, provided that the relevant users declare it upon sign-up. Failure to do so will result in harsh punishment. Hence users that do business on chyrpe are clearly marked and only make up a small minority.

Can I make money using chyrpe?

For those interested in monetizing their presence on chyrpe, advertising services is allowed with full disclosure during sign-up. This ensures that users are aware of any professional offerings and promotes transparency and trust among members.

Is chyrpe a kinky dating app?

Chyrpe focuses on facilitating Female Led Relationships between powerful women and those who love them. While this isn't directly about kink, intimate relationships in the realm of femdom are a part of what chyrpe encompasses within the framework of female empowerment.